SalesManager: Focus on Growing a Profitable Agency

SalesManager is a hosted sales management solution that provides you with the analytics you need to grow a profitable agency and the inspiration your team needs to close quality sales. SalesManager requires very little user activity while providing an immense amount of data. SalesManager focuses on three areas: identifying the best marketing strategies, diagnosing agency income and income opportunities and creating flexible bonus plans and goals within SalesManager to inspire your team members to reach their selling potential.

Up to Date Agency &
Team Member Production

Agency and Team Member Production

SalesManager provides agents the ability to setup flexible bonus plans for their team members that accommodate tiered bonuses, fixed pay items and commission pay that ties directly into the agent’s pay statement. Additionally, it can provide the entire agency with month-to-date production tracking based on customizable goals by line or product.

Advanced Sales Analytics

Advance Sales Analytics

Learn from every sale your agency makes as you make them. SalesManager breaks down the sales being made and provides you with crucial sales data to help continue your agency’s growth. Quickly view your monthly premium by line and sales by marketing source, zip, county and team member.

Paycheck Analytics

Paycheck Analytics

SalesManager allows agents to easily import their pay statements to quickly identify their agency’s premium by month and line, view their compensation by line and compare their current pay statement against previous pay statements. SalesManager will transform a forty page pay statement into three screens giving you the power to learn more than previously imagined from the standard pay statement.

Coming Soon!

SalesManager is nearing completion and will soon be available for your enterprise. Please complete and submit the form below so we can contact you as more information about its release becomes available.